Golfer Turned Photographer. 


I am the "Jay" of and have built my online presence around the brand "JaysGolf".  I have another talent, photography... 

I began to learn and become serious about photography in late 2011.  I always had an eye for it.  I loved the little Kodak disposable cameras, dropping film off at the Kodak standalone buildings in the late 80's, and couldn't wait to return to see if the shot was what I intended. I bought my first DSLR in fall 2011.  That was a whole different world!  

I knew I could begin to make Art! 

I began with landscapes because that was the easiest way to learn. That is to say, I was not wasting anyone's time but my own as I found my way around the camera and post work.  As time has gone on I constantly find new things to focus on, all while honing my skills on the subjects that most interest me.  I have found I love landscape, nightscape, B&W, and depth of field styling best.  

Prints are available upon request. Digital, Paper, or Metal

I would like to try my hand at portraiture at this point.  Glamour, beauty, candid, boudoir, etc. For that I need a model...
I have a run sheet and a plain language release form, both open to discussion.  I also have a "Look Book" file of models shot by other photographers that I'd like to mimic. Due to my lack of experience shooting models, I would like to find someone willing to be patient with me as I get my feet wet.

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Jay Downey

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