My Only Photo of You

This photo, out of the album that resides hidden in plain sight upon my bookshelf, is over a decade and a half old.  It is the only photo I have of you.  It's not digital and, to my knowledge, there is no negative.  It cannot be seen by anyone else unless I wish it to be.  

It holds a moment where your beauty is on full, unedited display. An image of your persona that only my mind's eye is able to play back on the rarest of occasions.  An image that fades with the passing of time and our youth.

A photo critic would likely list everything thats wrong with the photo, technically.  However, no one could argue after studding your face, seeing your smile and your eyes, that this captures your true essence.  

As I look at this photo, I am relieved of any doubt my memory serves as to the unadulterated love your spirit embodied.  You were so free.  You had no shame.  You are so beautiful.  That is why I love my only photo of you.